Drugs: ALT.DRUGS Postings

I don't really consider these textfiles in the same sense of textfile.com's main mission of bring BBS files to you, but in many ways, the people posting the following articles were carrying on the spirit of the original BBSes with their own textfiles. Some may have even thought they WERE in the 1980's.

Description of the Textfile
1985fda.drg 2905
MDMA FDA Report, 1985
1988dea.drg 5721
1988 DEA Marijuana Ruling
2-bad-trips 9039
STORY: 2 Bad Trips on Mushrooms
2cbinf.drg 20782
2C-B is 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine.
2cbrpt.drg 10158
Report on the effects of 2C-B
absinthe.faq 20582
FAQ: Absinthe, by Matthew John Baggott (March 2, 1993)
aftershock 1544
STORY: The Aftershock
alaska-troopers 980
STORY: The Alaska Troopers
alc-pot-bust 2325
STORY: The Alcohol and Pot Bust
alien-detachment 12902
STORY: An Alien Detachment (November, 1988)
aliendrm.drg 19957
Space Time Continuum with Terrence McKenna
alt.dru 3595
A Listing of Drug-Related Usenet Newsgroups
alt_beer.01 9492
FAQ: Alt.Beer, from Dan Brown
amac-etc 21249
A Listing of Amino Acids and Their Effects
amanita.drg 25423
Vikings and Mushrooms (long & referenced)
amaz_plt.drg 17774
"An Amazing Plant" 1991 Pro-Hemp Article
anti_potdoc.drg 6244
The WO[S]D and State Fair Hypocrisy
archaic-revival 10524
STORY: After Reading the Archaic Revival
atomic.str 25453
The Structure of the Atom, by Dalamar
bad-trip-at-school 1438
STORY: A Really Bad Trip at School
bad-trip-death 3159
STORY: A Bad Trip, A Small Death
badtrip.txt 21430
NORML's Bad Trip (Article)
baeocyst.drg 895
Baeocystin and norbaeocystin
banadine 4931
Banadine Works! By Tapani Leinonon (December 29, 1993)
bathed-in-photons 1925
STORY: I Was Bathed in Photons
bbros-02.txt 41110
Sex, Ecstasy and the Psychadelic Drugs by R.E.L. Masters, typed by Major Havoc (1988)
bbros-11.txt 18126
The Buzz Brothers Present Green Merchant: The First 18 Months (May 1991)
beer.mag 2258
Beer Newspapers in the US or Canada (March 3, 1992)
biblio.drg 8992
Terence McKenna annotated bibliography (+ sources)
blacklight-vampire 2056
STORY: A Blacklight Vampire
blind-trip 3926
STORY: A Blind Trip: A Trip by a Blind Person on Mushrooms
blue_sta.faq 15099
What About these LSD Tattoos? By Dave Gross (January 24, 1994)
blunts.drg 6410
Quick rundown on Blunts
bond.str 34930
Chemistry: Bonding and Structure in Chemistry (July 8, 1994)
bongpipefaq.drg 19530
Bongs, pipes and other wonderful contraptions (FAQ)
book_mjlaw.drg 1696
Weed Laws in California, 1993
bor&drug.txt 54962
Is the Bill of Rights a Casualty of the War of Drugs? By Eric E. Sterling (november 5, 1990)
bufoalv.drg 8526
Smoking Toads
bust-germany 764
STORY: The Bust in Germany
butter.drg 5136
Cannabutter? Yes, Cannabis Butter.
ca_hempexp.drg 19680
The California Hemp Expo was a tremendous success (1994)
cac_growgde.drg 22201
The Cactus Grower's FAQ
cac_growtip.drg 2424
Some Tips on Growing Cactii for Drug Use
cactus 1666
Some Cactus Sources of Mescaline (April 12, 1991)
caffod.txt 2131
ALT.DRUGS: Caffeine Trips and other such Niceties by Jasper O'Malley (February 17, 1995)
calamus.drg 2825
Information on Calamus Root
calamus.txt 2006
Some Thoughts on Calamus Root From Alt.Drugs
calea.drg 2093
About Calea zacatechichi
cannabiscbf.drg 1575
Cannabis Increases Cerebral Blood Flow!
car-visual 874
STORY: A Car Visual
cat.info 4121
ALT.DRUGS: Information on Methcathinone by Marc Anderson (July 1, 1993)
catinf.drg 30039
Methcathione, CAT for short
catstory.txt 15559
The Methcathinone Project, West Coast (A Story about Methcathinone) (1993)
catsyn.txt 32533
ALT.DRUGS: Information on Methcathinone ("Cat") / Ephedrone ("Jeff") (July 22, 1993)
cha.drg 4172
Information on the Canadian Hemp Association
chromoslsd.drg 5376
LSD and Chromosomes, from The Natural Mind by Andrew Weil
cloud9.drg 21216
An Overview of Cloud 9
clouds 8380
STORY: Clouds on Mushrooms. Mushroom Clouds.
cloves 12695
Regarding Clove Cigarettes and Health Risks by Ronald T. Coslick Jr. (April 8, 1993)
clrblndlsd.drg 2099
Does LSD help color blindness? (Not for this guy)
cocaineinf.drg 11367
Legal Cocaine?
cocainesyn.drg 11130
A Complete Guide to Manufacturing Cocaine
coleus.drg 7140
Information on the Coleus Plant
colors-theory 23907
STORY: Some Theories About Color
columiacok.drg 9873
Cocaine story in Colombia
communicating 2480
STORY: Communicating on Mushrooms
courts_d.jud 30132
The Courts, DEA and Drugs (December 30, 1994) by RBrennan
crack.info 25311
Information about Freebasing Cocaine
cracker.plans 4263
Creating a Whippet Cracker by Zar the Mad (October 22, 1993)
cracker.txt 3558
Making a Whippit Dispenser from Hardware Store Parts
crackerpln.drg 4263
All sorts of Whip-it information.
dangers.drg 10656
The Dangers Of Psychedelics (transcript from _Drugs_And_Behavior_ (Fred Leavit, 1982))
datura.drg 11879
Datura Stramonium Information
datura.txt 9656
An Introduction to Datura Stramonium from Alt.Drugs
deadshow 2510
STORY: At the Dead Show in 1989
detectmj.drg 850
How long does it take to cleanse Marijuana out of the system?
dmtinf.drg 31953
Information on DMT (Dimethyl Tryptamine)
dmtrpt.drg 69923
All sorts of DMT experiences from various folks
dobblt.drg 4972
Desirable Blotter Adulterants (Is this stuff REALLY added to LSD?)
dowam_meskh.drg 1245
What is "Dowam Meskh" ?
dramam.txt 15236
Thoughts on Drammamine Tablets as a Drug (October 27, 1993)
dreamfis 4778
Some Information on Hallucinogenic Fish (November 8, 1993)
drug_pri.drg 34755
The Drug Price Project, 1994 (Report on drug prices)
drugfree.txt 14880
Why Drug Free? Personal and Political Responsibility in Daily Life by Scott Andre Shelby (April 14, 1994)
drugtest.txt 26183
Drugs of Abuse and Their Detection in Urine by Ed Uthman, MD (April, 1993)
dtchmdma.drg 1552
Dutch analysis of Ecstasy
duzzy-fuck 647
STORY: A Fuzzy Duck
dyingpln.drg 2619
Why is my Pot Plant Dying?
dylan-dead 1525
STORY: Tripping at Dylan and the Dead
eating.drg 10765
Some experiences with eating Marijuana.
eatingmsh.drg 2028
Hey, can we just put psychadelic mushrooms on pizza?
eight-tripping 8209
STORY: Eight Kids Tripping
end-of-hall 1332
STORY: At the End of the Hall
enjoy-bad-trip 3805
STORY: Enjoying His Bad Trip
ephedrinban.drg 13193
DEA cracks down on Ephedrine today (Apr. 1994)
ephedrininf.drg 5011
Information on Ephedrine
ergotalk.drg 1962
Relative Percent Ergopeptide Alkaloids in the Crude Alkaloid Fraction
ergotclt.drg 6328
The Culture and Extraction of Ergot Alkaloids
esy_hokh.drg 4576
Bongineering for fun and, well, fun.
extractlaa.drg 11274
Extracking Lysergic Acid from Morning Glory Seeds (Not suggested)
ezgar.drg 7702
One gentleman's hydroponic setup
ezvapor.drg 2895
E-Z Vaporizer Plans
face-down 4387
STORY: Face Down With the Police
fam_n2ousr.drg 1713
Some famous people who have taken Nitrous Oxide
famous.n2o.users 1900
A List of People Who Have Used Nitrous Oxide (September 4, 1993)
faq-codeine 13095
FAQ: Codeine Frequently Asked Questions (June 28, 1994)
faq-opio.txt 21422
FAQ: Opioid Frequently Asked Questions
faq-opioid-analgesics 4314
FAQ List: Opioid Analgesics by Marco Manzo (May 29, 1994)
first-in-3-years 2358
STORY: The First Trip in 3 Years
first.wat 2858
Kevin Does his First Water, or "W" (Excellent) (May 27, 1994)
floyd-pigs 596
STORY: The Pink Floyd Pigs
forest-bust 2100
STORY: A Bust in the Forest by Budz (December, 1995)
freon 928
Inhaling Freon.... DON'T, by Steve Dillinger (May 15, 1993)
freon.drg 928
Inhaling Freon = Don't!
gaba.drg 2018
GABA, gamma amino butyric acid
galanga.drg 10371
Kaempferia galanga is used as an hallucinogen in New Guinea.
galanga.txt 8712
Some Thoughts on Kaempferia Galanga from Alt.Drugs
gardenpln.drg 7658
How to Build Your Own Nomadic, Hydroponic Garden
german-trip 4249
STORY: A Mushroom Trip in Germany
ginkgo.drg 3951
GINKGO BILOBA: A Nootropic Herb?
gleaf_nw5_1.drg 54841
Greenleaf News Anniversary Issue #5
gor_growgde.drg 10847
Gorrila Growers Guide (For Beginners)
graemecrl.drg 68313
EXPERIENCE: Level Definition and Intro
gravbongfaq.drg 9476
Gravity.Bong.FAQ (1993)
green-wolfman 26896
STORY: The Green Wolfman
growmj.drg 13766
Different experiences with Growing Marijuana
h2shoot.txt 6860
How to Shoot Heroin (1995)
halasind.drg 3632
The FDA doesn't consider MDMA or other hallucinogens particularly bad (July 1993)
harmalarpt.drg 9348
Questions and Answers about Harmala
hash1.drg 2267
Anyone know how to make HASH? Bueller?
hbwrrpt.drg 41822
Various descriptions of trips on Hawaiian Baby Rosewood Seeds
hemp_his.drg 3779
A short Hemp History ("The kind you were never told in school")
hemp_src.drg 4007
Some Hemp-Producing Organizations (Sept. 1993)
hempinf.drg 8599
Some exerpts from various pro-hemp reports
hempinst.drg 54675
The Institute for Hemp Special Report #B (March 1994)
hempinstfaq.drg 11090
The Institute for Hemp's Introduction
heroin.health 23473
FAQ: Why Opium Causes Constipation by Scott Grigsby (February 11, 1994)
heroin.txt 4988
How to Shoot heroin (Revised) by Christopher R. LaFave (November 20, 1994)
hmp_frnc.drg 17883
No Marijuana, but plenty of Hemp in France
hmpplane.drg 1866
Funding for the Hemp Aircraft Construction Project
holland 7747
The Real Guide to Amsterdam from Martin Dunford and Jack Holland (Excerpts) (May 18, 1991)
inhalant.dangers 73535
The Breath of Death, from Tom Kaye (March 5, 1995)
isomrize.drg 25300
Good method for isomerising CNB to THC?
it-290.drg 1012
IT-290 (alfa-methyl-tryptamine) info.
jesus-christ-trip 1484
STORY: A Trip with Jesus Christ
jock-ambient 4886
STORY: An Ambient Jock
joint 8829
The Marijuana Smoking Guide by Reefer Man and the Chamelion (April 22, 1991)
joy-and-pain 3983
STORY: The Joy and the Pain
kava.txt 16697
The Effects of a Kava Extract from Alt.Drugs
kavainf.drg 33601
Some discussions of the use of Kava
kavarpt.drg 18739
Additional reports on Kava
ketamineinf.drg 10365
Quick overview of some experiences with Ketamine
ketaminerpt.drg 10715
A first-person account of a Ketamine Trip
knf_hempppr.drg 8624
Letters to Earth Journal: Kenaf is Better than Hemp, and Help is better than Kenaf!
lght_faq.txt 6304
The Grow Lights FAQ (May 15, 1994)
lowdoseref.drg 10205
Psychopatholgy and psychophysiology of minimal LSD-25 dosage
lsd-surv 22203
All Sorts of Answers to an Internet LSD Survey
lsdinfo 0
lsdrpt.drg 24044
Some experiences of people taking LSD
lsdsynthref.drg 1065
Couple quick references on synthesizing LSD
lsdtattofaq.drg 14569
Frequently Answered Question -- What about these "LSD Tattoos?"
m4 28303
What is Hash Oul and What is it Used For? (Message Thread)
mandrake.drg 3043
Well, maybe you shouldn't take Mandrake Root
mathematical-trees 3578
STORY: The Mathematical Trees
mde_mdma.drg 4783
An Analysis of "Hearts", a Tablet Illicitly Sold as "Ecstasy"
mdma.cal 55573
The Drug Abuse Series: MDMA, from the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (January 23, 1993)
mdmainf.drg 9073
Summarization of MDMA (3,4 -Methylenedioxymethamphetamine)
mdmaneurinf.drg 4901
Additional MDMA Studies out there
mdmarpt.drg 30297
My First Experience with X (Woooo)
mdmassri.drg 2013
mdmasyn.drg 8144
MDMA Synthesis
meadmsh.drg 9436
Making Blue Mead
meaning-of-life 441
STORY: The Meaning Of Life
medmjstory 10162
STORY: A Medical Marijuana Morality Tale (November 14, 1995)
mesclinerpt.drg 8066
Report of the Effects of Peyote
metal-detector 3380
STORY: The Metal Detector
mex_mint.drg 3122
Mexican Mint (Salvia divinorum)
mgabrainrpt.drg 46492
From The MEGABRAIN Report: Cognition-Enhancing Drugs
mginf.drg 9807
The Ipomoea family (Strain of Morning Glory Seeds)
mgrpt.drg 65556
Long, Detailed story about the effects of Morning Glory Seeds
military-fort 2650
STORY: Going to an Old Military Fort
mj_10_thngs.drg 11488
10 Things Every Parent, Teenager & Teacher Should Know about Marijuana
mj_beer.drg 2887
Making Beer Using Marijuana
mj_calmed.drg 3524
California Legislation Ridiculing the Government (1993)
mj_cnsmpfaq.drg 11976
FAQ on the Consumption of Marijuana
mj_eatfaq.drg 14111
Beta of a Marijuana Eating FAQ
mj_medhox.drg 6365
Marijuana Smoking as Medicine: A Cruel Hoax
mj_medref.drg 6664
A Few Citations of Medican Uses of Marijuana
mj_myths.drg 15742
Some myths about Marijuana
moksharev.drg 4188
Odd Flame of the Island Newsletter
mom-bust 2535
STORY: Busted By Mom
moose-maine-ia 8262
STORY: Moose Maine-Ia
morphine.extraction.1906 1822
An Example of Morphine Extraction Methods Circa 1907 by Peter Jordan (September 15, 1995)
mptpart.drg 11071
MPTP-Containing Designer Drugs: Treatment
mptpinf.drg 3236
Quick overview of MPTP
mrninggfaq.drg 13692
The Complete Morning Glory FAQ, Part 1.001
ms_mjref.drg 5469
Dr. Grinspoon talks about Medical Marijuana
mush-man 6627
Mushrooms and Man: A History (April 29, 1994)
n20dntst.txt 6917
A Report on using Nitrous Oxide
n20info.txt 7149
A Collection of Information on Nitrous Oxide
n2o.action 5095
A Few Words on Method of Action As Regards Nitrous Oxide, by Ken Shirriff (October 5, 1992)
n2o.at.dentist 6917
Wisdom Teeth and Nitrous Oxide by Ranjit Bhatnager
n2o.dangers 9336
Some Books And Information on Nitrous Oxide Dangers by Jerry Stratton (January 12, 1994)
n2o.info 8001
Some Information about Nitrous Oxide and other Aspects of Inhalant Use by Kevin Kwast
n2o.joke 925
Who Wants OXYGEN when the Masks Come Out? (March 30, 1993)
n2o.ramblings 8510
Some Ranmblings and Information on Nitrous Oxide (May 12, 1993)
n2o.synthesis.tips 3078
Seeking Facts About Nitrous Oxide Damage and Creation (June 23, 1993)
n2o.use.hints 983
Some Suggestions for Nitrous Oxide Use (June 23, 1993)
n2o_syn.txt 3078
Seeking Facts About Nitrous Oxide Brain Damage, by Keith Lewis (June 23, 1993)
n2o_use.drg 983
Seeking facts about N2O brain damage.
n2oact.txt 4849
A Few Words on Methods of Action with Nitrous Oxide
n2odang.txt 9336
Some Real Facts about Nitrous Oxide, by Jerry Stratton (January 12, 1994)
n2oinf.drg 8001
Nitrous Oxide Information
narcs 6800
How to Tell a Narc, by Maxwell (February 28, 1994)
nect_ofdlt.drg 24201
From the Book "Plants of The Gods": The Nectar of Delight
neuro.drg 5916
MDMA Neuropharmacology
newbies 1861
STORY: Warning to Newbies to Tripping
nitrous.oxygen 2002
Keeping the Oxygen in Your Nitrous Use, by Dave Psych (1995)
nohit.drg 4745
Pitching a No-Hitter on Acid
notp_fda.drg 11101
The FDA Report on Piracetam and Vasopressin
notpmisc.drg 30461
All Sorts of Various Information on Nootropics
notptryp.drg 4031
Update: Analysis of L-Tryptophan for the Etiology of Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome
nutmeg.txt 6174
Additional Thoughts on Nutmeg from Alt.Drugs
nutmeginf.drg 7294
Morning Glory Seeds & Nutmeg
nutmegrpt.drg 21841
Reports of Experiences while taking Nutmeg
nyneedles 29863
New York Through the Eye of a Needle, by Peter McDermott (October 1992)
oncologists.drg 5892
Would oncologists reccomend pot?
ondoubtr.txt 3279
Timothy Leary and his Doubters (October 10, 1993)
opiateinf.drg 35460
Why Opiates cause Constipation and Other Fun Opium Facts
opid_anlfaq.drg 4314
FAQ list-Opioid Analgesics
opiumhis.txt 7696
A Chonology of Opium in China (December 24, 1994) by Peter Jordan
out-of-our-skulls 23452
STORY: Completely Out Of Our Skulls
outdoorgrw.drg 29643
Some simple steps for Outdoor Growers
painting-on-psychedel 451
STORY: Painting While on Psychadelics
panic-factor 2046
STORY: Don't Forget the Panic Factor
paperrpt.drg 7093
The Hemp for Paper Report #B, from the Help Institute
parents-love 866
STORY: My Parents' Love
parents.gui 16410
The Parent's Guide to Drug Abuse (Transcription of Pamphlet) by Sol Lightman (April 30, 1993)
pasnflwr.drg 4930
Experiences with getting high off Passionflower
pasnflwr.txt 4411
Thoughts on PassionFlower from Alt.Drugs
perscrip 2214
STORY: Acid Wave Getting Busted for a Perscription
picking.guide 24345
A Field Guide to the Psilocybin Mushroom (June 2, 1994)
pickinggde.drg 24345
Field Guide to the Psilocybin Mushroom (1994)
pleasures.of.opium 33042
Confessions of an English Opium Eater by Thomas De Quincey: The Pleasures of Opium (March 28, 1992)
plesopim.drg 33042
The Pleasures of Opium: Confessions of an English Opium Eater
plntlist.txt 12530
A List of Adresses for Mail order Botanical Joints (November 20th, 1991)
politicsrev.drg 2847
Thumbs/Minds-Up Review of The Politics of Ecstasy
poppies.drg 2851
Cultivating Opium Poppies
pot_cltv.drg 34443
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation
potgrowr02.drg 8700
Marijuana: How to Grow it, Reap it, and Cook it (From the Anarchists' Cookbook)
practiclyag.drg 8710
Practical uses of Yage
prctm.drg 8699
Piracetam (Nootropyl) from "Smart Drugs & Nutrients" by Ward Dean MD & John Morgenthaler
prfy_her.drg 5618
Heroin purification to nearly USP
prfy_her.txt 5163
ALT.DRUGS: Heroin Purification to Nearly USP
prohib.pam 65999
Two Anti-Legalization Pamphlets (Marijuana) (November 27, 1992)
psilocybe.txt 3067
An Overview of Idfferent Psilocybe Species (June 14, 1994)
psilpris 5514
Concord Prison Psilocybin Rehabilitation Project (January 2, 1994)
psycdrug.txt 40976
Psychedelic Drugs Release 1.1 by Adam Head (February 16, 1992)
psychchm.drg 7304
Some basic information on differen Psychadelics
qualudes.txt 3661
The Quaalude (Methaqhaalone) by Christopher K. Konigsberg (March 23, 1994)
rainbows 3291
STORY: The Rainbows
raindrop-prisms-punch 945
STORY: The Raindrop Prism Punch
re_evol.drg 6526
Lyrics from the Shamen song "Bass Drum"
refs.drg 2733
Articles about Terence McKenna + Psilocybin
roboinf.drg 18203
Dextromethorphan experiences and discussions
roborpt.drg 120326
MASSIVE list of cough-syrup abuse anecdotes
rohypnol.drg 1545
Rohypnol was/is one of the drugs of choice on the gay scene here.
roll_jnt.drg 11734
Explanation on how to roll a joint
roller-skating-cartoonland 630
STORY: Roller Skating Through Cartoonland
rome-trip 4211
STORY: My First Time In Rome on LSD
rulingdea.drg 23098
DEA Marijuana Ruling, 1994
running-from-cops 2833
STORY: A Mob of 50 Running From the Cops
rush 7325
Some Information on Amyl Nitrate Rushes by Elf Sternberg
rush.txt 7325
Some Messages on Amyl Nitrate (May 6, 1993)
salvia.inf 14182
Information about Mexican Mint (Salvia Divinorum) (April 14, 1994)
salvia.rpt 6701
Salvia Divinorum: Smoke, Don't Chew! (August 8, 1994)
see-the-future 997
STORY: I Can See the Future!
seed_catlog.drg 14353
Information on the Sensi Seed Bank catalog
seedans.drg 11748
Pete the Happy Homegrower's tips
shitty-saturday-night 3201
STORY: A Shitty Saturday Night
shroom.iding 15019
Mushroom Identification by Rik Marshall (October 11, 1994)
shroomlog.drg 14813
Solo Shroom Trip Log
shroomsuc.drg 6322
The Results of the Great Grand Shrooms Growers' Survey
sinkbong.drg 3365
How to build a bong out of your Sink
slow-down 1966
STORY: Slow Down, Please
small-town-bust 6766
STORY: A Small Town Bust in New Hampshire
smoke.drg 2863
Comparison of gaseous and particulate components of marijuana and tobacco
smokingetq.drg 6282
Smoking Etiquette
smrtdruginf.drg 4544
A Quick Intorduction to Nootropics
snakes-and-devil 1200
STORY: Snakes and the Devil
sneaker-liner 1363
STORY: The Acid in the Sneaker
snow-in-face 1921
STORY: Snow In My Face
sonoma.drg 3210
Miracle On Administration Drive, by Lazar Yesersky
sp_prep.drg 15313
Cooking in San Pedro
spiritual-trips 2778
STORY: Taking Spiritual Trips
star-wars 8777
STORY: The Star Wars
stepped-on-joint 2078
STORY: Stepped on a Joint
stick-figure-indians 828
STORY: The Stick Figure Indians
stopped_.pol 9227
What to Do If You Get Stopped by the Police (May 23, 1993)
strychni.drg 7392
Legends of Strychnine in LSD
surveylsd.drg 21749
Quick Ad-hoc LSD Survey
swedish-border 1582
STORY: At the Swedish Border. Hurdy-Gurdy?
swirling 3614
STORY: The Swirling on Acid
syncat.txt 12343
Information on Methcathinone ("Cat") / Ephedrone ("Jeff") (July 22, 1993)
synthnte.drg 15030
Whipping up your own MDMA
testimony 2905
STORY: A Testomony of Mushrooms
thanksgiving 4226
STORY: A Thanksgiving on Acid
thc_extrion.drg 41074
What IS Hash Oil?
the-peak 1949
STORY: The Peak
the-rose 1416
STORY: The Rose
thoughtslsd.drg 7137
Thoughts on LSD
toadpsy.drg 17311
The Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran Desert By Albert Most
trapped-alone 814
STORY: Being Trapped Alone
trip-diary 14447
STORY: A Tripping Diary
trip-poem 960
STORY: A Poem I Wrote While Tripping
tropanes 4299
Tropade Alkaloids by William E. White (October 1, 1994)
tryptfaq.drg 26825
Tryptamine FAQ, 1994
valerianinf.drg 5528
Valerian Root information
valerianrpt.drg 1975
Additional insights on Valerian Root
van-near-bust 1994
STORY: A Near-Bust in the Van
vap_bong.drg 12636
Making Vaporizers
vial 1497
STORY: The Vial
visuals-and-love 1908
STORY: Visuals and Love On Acid
visuals-happy 6113
STORY: Some Very Happy Visuals
watched.che 14394
The DEA Watched List of Chemicals, Compiled by Richard C. Hall III (November 14, 1991)
water.int 4911
Drug Forfeiture: What it Is (January 19, 1992)
watertox.txt 4818
Dangerous Drinking: General Information Regarding Water Intoxication (January 19, 1992)
watrpipe.txt 5581
The Coke Bottle Water Pipe
weil.liberty.caps 6743
Exceprts from the Journal of Psychedelic Drugs by Jeff Heeney (March 26, 1994)
weilhashod.drg 1847
Report of overdosing on Hash oil
weillibcap.drg 6743
Liberty caps (in a field in Oregon) and its effects
whippits 3187
How to use Whippits (October 12, 1995)
whippits-experience 3933
An Experience With Whippits (December 15, 1995)
why_drug.fre 15809
Why Drug Free? Personal and Political Responsibility in Daily Life by Scott Andrew Selby (May 1, 1994)
whyquitlsd.drg 11764
Respondents to an LSD Survey
willofnature.txt 36453
Will Of Nature Issue #2 (September 24, 1993)
woodrose 2976
Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds by Todd Ehlers (June 19, 1991)
worst-trip 7260
STORY: My Little Tripper Girl and The Worst Trip
ww2 8536
STORY: World War II
x1.drg 9369
MDMA: Neurotoxicity and Safety Discussion
x2.drg 2513
MDMA: Note on using MDMA many times
yerba.mate 3289
ALT.DRUGS: Yerba Mate: Explanation by Neil Clauson (January 4, 1994)
yerbamte.drg 3289
Yerba Mate: Explanation
yohimbe.info 2771
ALT.DRUGS: Yohimbe, by William E. White (October 3, 1994)
yohimberpt.drg 834
Yohimbine HCL
yubahgld.drg 1081
Yubah Gold - Fact or Fantasy?

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