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Having never had it, I can't tell you much about Cannabis except that it has an awful lot of attention from a lot of people in government, society, and whoever still watches "Cheech and Chong" movies. By far, it's the most popular drug to write about from the BBS era, although LSD comes in second.

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3_mythsmj.drg 5726
Three Things Marijuana Does Not Do (NORML, 1992)
amaz_plt.txt 17605
An Amazing Plant, by Bill Leuders (February 14, 1991)
art_make.txt 29654
The Art of Making Bongs
art_makebng.drg 30045
The Art of Making Bongs, by Anonymous
artofhoo.txt 3432
Bong and the Art of Hooka by The Blade of the Neon Knights
ascii_lf.drg 413
ASCII Art of a Pot Leaf
bbrosn01.txt 21682
Injustice for All: A Guide to American Pot Laws, by Judy McGuire, typed by Major Havoc (May 1989)
bhang_rc.drg 1970
Recipe for Bhang (uses Pot)
bible.txt 78902
Marijuana and the Bible, by the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church
biblepot.drg 80126
Evaluation of Pot in the Bible and China
blunts.txt 6410
Blunts: What are Blunts? By Trent (November 10, 1993)
boarding-school 2036
STORY: Marijuana at Boarding School
bongmaki.drg 2752
Bong Making, part 1 of 4
bongpipe.txt 18893
Bongs, Pipes and Other Wonderful Contraptions
butter.txt 5136
Cannabutter: Butter from Cannabis (May 2, 1993)
buying-in-amsterdam 3499
STORY: Buying Marijuana in Amsterdam
ca_hemp.txt 19314
The California Hemp Expo was a Tremendous Success: A Review
cancer.txt 17533
Pamphlet from UMASS Amherst: An Attempt to Point Out the Absurdities of the Toxicity of Marijuana
cancersmk.drg 17766
UMASS CANNABIS tract saying Marijuana is not as bad as Smoking
cannabis.ana 5603
Cannabis Cookbook, by Eric Bloodaxe
cannabis.txt 20894
The Benefits of Cannabis
cookweed.drg 9932
Cooking with Pot
dea-sur1.txt 7698
Escaping the DEA Version One by Oregon NORML (June 9, 1993)
dilatin.mor 32732
Using Dilantin to greatly improve POT & LSD by Twist
dmtplant.asc 21202
Three Beta-Carboline-Containing Plants as Potentiators of Synthetic DMT and Other Indole Psychadelics, a technical note from Gracie and Zarkov (August 1985)
dont-drive-stoned 2099
STORY: Don't Drive Stoned
epoxy 1551
STORY: Epoxy
esy_hokh.txt 4576
Bongineering (April 6, 1993)
ez.txt 7702
Some Explorations into Hydroponic Gardening (October 27, 1993)
ezvapor.txt 2895
Vaporizer Plans: Advanced Smoking Technology (May 22, 1994)
fat-ounce 3325
STORY: The Fat Ounce
firecrackers 1543
STORY: The Firecrackers
ganja-1.txt 21254
Ganja, Marijuana, Cannabis, hemp, Bud, pot
ganja-2.txt 7869
The Growing of Marijuana Indoors
garden.txt 7658
How to Build Your Own Nomadic, Hydroponic Garden on a Limited Budget by Jeff Burchell (May 21, 1994)
gleaf_nw.txt 55066
The Greenleaf News from the Institute for Hemp is now Four Years Old (1994)
gor_grow.txt 10847
The Gorrila Growers Guide for Beginners by M. Rosing (September 21, 1991)
gravbong.txt 1710
The Gravity Bong FAQ (November 30, 1993)
gravityb.txt 9476
The Gravity Bong FAQ (November 30, 1993)
grow.txt 9180
The Marijuana Grower's Guide Part II: Indoor Growing, by The Choosen Ones
grow_pot.txt 5235
How to Grow Pot, by Mr. Crue
growing.txt 5608
The Marijuana Grower's Guide Part I: The Introduction by Lord Kagesama
growmj.drg 13658
A number of tips about growing Marijuana in your bedroom
growpot.drg 8192
The Marijuana Grower's Guide Part II: Indoor Growing
growpot.hum 8517
Cannabis Cultivation Made Easy
growyour.txt 13876
Growing Marijuana, from the Phixer
h_fuel.txt 6699
Hemp For Fuel, by the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH)
h_health.txt 5388
Hemp for Health, by the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH)
h_ties.txt 4654
Hemp Ties it All Together, by the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH)
hash_eat.txt 6572
The Tale of Two Hashish-Eaters (Traditional)
hemp 6399
The Most Common Arguments Against Ending Marijuana Prohibition and their Refutations
hemp-med.txt 2083
Cannabis Medicines Banned!
hemp-pak.txt 58605
Could One Plant Save the Earth? By Howard Anshell
hemp-tx1.txt 2432
No Compromise: Hemp and the Environment
hemp.asc 2473
Hemp Tour Sept. 19, 1992: Gainesville Heats Up
hemp.txt 4812
The Many Uses of Hemp: The World's Most Valuable and Versatile Natural Resource
hemp1.txt 4736
Drug Laws Kill: A Libertarian Outlook, by Gerald Schneider, Ph. D.
hemp2.asc 5346
5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Legalize Hemp/Marijuana
hemp2.txt 2212
The Herb Book on Cannabis
hemp3.asc 2156
Phone Tree of the Colorado Hemp Information Hotline
hemp3.txt 8607
Hemp For Victory in 1492
hemp4.asc 3784
It's Time to Tax Hemp!
hemp4usa.txt 19022
Hemp for the USA's Future, by NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
hemp5.txt 15155
Debunking the Gutter Science Against Hemp
hemp6.asc 5555
Hemp For Health, Compiled by the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH)
hemp6.txt 5004
The Libertarian Party Asks: Should we Re-Legalize Drugs?
hemp7.asc 8383
Harvard Medical Report on Marijuana
hemp91.txt 321769
Bedtime for Bongo: The Siege against High Times (April 1991)
hemp_ami.txt 29522
An Amicus Brief To Support Marijuana (October 8th, 1990)
hemp_his.txt 3779
Cannabis Hemp has a Very long History of Human Use: The History You Were Never Told, by John Birrenback of the Institute for Hemp (March 24, 1993)
hemp_useind.drg 10821
The Industrial Uses of Marijuana, by The Griffin
hempcure.txt 7576
The Good News Is We Found a Plant to Save the World, The Bad News Is It's Illegal!
hempfact.txt 32410
This Plant Can Save The World! By Jack herer
hemphs10.drg 10023
Hemp Article Compilations #10
hemphst1.drg 7342
Hemp Article Compilations #1
hemphst2.drg 8949
Hemp Article Compilations #2
hemphst3.drg 8589
Hemp Article Compilations #3
hemphst4.drg 9827
Hemp Article Compilations #4
hemphst5.drg 11710
Hemp Article Compilations #5
hemphst6.drg 10946
Hemp Article Compilations #6
hemphst7.drg 9861
Hemp Article Compilations #7
hemphst8.drg 10151
Hemp Article Compilations #8
hemphst9.drg 9836
Hemp Article Compilations #9
hempinfo.inf 31178
Save The Environment... With Hemp, by Johnathan Davis (July 9, 1990)
hemplaws.law 14564
State By State Comparison of the Marijuana Laws by NORML
hemprium.drg 4507
The Cannabis Center and Hemporium
hempsrce.txt 60840
Hemp Source Material: Edited by Kind Bud of Colorado
herb.txt 10067
Pot: The Poor Person's Guide to Smoking, by NatxXx and N1X0n of Druigs of Society
hfv.txt 8311
Transcript of the Original USDA Film: HEMP FOR VICTORY (1942)
hfv_ref.txt 3355
The Government Denies Ever Making "Hemp for Victory" and... ooops (September 25, 1990)
hmla.txt 9878
The History of Marijuana Laws in America
hmp_flyr.drg 6781
How the Next President Can Save the Farm Economy (With Hemp!)
hmpinsfq.txt 11090
What is the Institute for Hemp? a FAQ (March 24, 1994)
hotel-party 1754
STORY: The Hotel Party
hydrobng.txt 3995
The Hydro Bong by God of 704,904,303
hydrodak.txt 55557
How to Grow Marijuana Hydroponically by Woz
illhemp.txt 14307
State of Minnesota Tries to make Hemp Illegal, by John Birrenbach of the Institute for Hemp
indsweed.fun 10822
The Industrial Uses of Marijuana by The Griffin
indsweed.txt 11657
The Industrial Uses of Marijuana by The Griffin
inspot.txt 12711
Inside the high-flying pot industry - by Gordon Witkin
joint-for-jesus 3619
STORY: Smoke a Joint for Jesus
joys.txt 129318
The Joys of a Herb Garden at Home, Version 3.0
kona-dance 2317
STORY: The Kona Dance
laced-weed 1283
STORY: The Laced Weed
lght_faq.txt 6304
The Grow Lights FAQ (May 15th, 1994)
m_health.txt 34982
Marijuana and Health - an update of research results by Peter Gormand Transcribed by The Dak of the Holiday Inn, Cambodia (May 9, 1990)
mao-inhi.txt 9217
Mao Inhibitors: Beta-Carboline Potentiation of LSD Psilocybin
marifact.s 2260
Some Mary Jane Facts and Figures from Henry Fell (September 6, 1993)
marijiua.txt 3738
A Marijuana Planting Guide by Sir Mad and Elric of Imrryr
marijref.drg 10743
"Cannabis 1988 Old Drug, New Dangers" (Mikuriya, Tod H. and Aldrich, Micheal R.)
marijuan.faq 12322
Marijuana Consuption
marimyth.txt 5768
Marijuana Myths by Paul Hager of the ICLU Drug Task Force
marjuan.art 4378
Definition of Marijuana
maryjane.txt 18938
The Official Criminal Minded Mary Jane Guide
mec-cww.txt 3005
Marijuana Enforcement in California: A Costly asnd Wasteful War (October 13, 1993)
medmj.drg 3945
A List of State Statues Recognizing the Medical Use of Marijuana
mj&healt.txt 34993
Marijuana and Health - an update of research results by Peter Gormand (May 9th, 1990)
mj-human.txt 8203
Marijuana and the Human Body, by NORML
mj-relevance 1491
STORY: The Added Relevance When Smoking
mj_10_th.txt 10810
10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Marijuana from the Family Council on Drug Awareness
mj_cnsmp.txt 11850
The Consumption of Marijuana for its Psychoactive Effects
mj_interact.drg 1294
Interactions can be expected between cannabis and a wide range of drugs
mj_myths.txt 15203
Marijuana Myths by Paul Hager of the ICLU Drug Task Force
music.pot 6998
Pro-Marijuana Songs
nect_of.txt 23741
The Nectar of Delight: Hemp as Work of the Gods
new-years-bud 2449
STORY: The New Years' Bud
new_grow.txt 10384
The New Growers' Guide, by "K" Revision 4
norml.fun 12926
Information ad for NORML (Pro-Marijuana Group)
norml.txt 9258
Official National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws Policy
normlpot.txt 13760
Pot Prohibition? Just say NORML
not4envi.drg 2800
Advocating Marijuana for All The Wrong Reasons
outdoor.txt 29267
Simples Steps for Outdoor Growers of Marijuana
p_o_p.txt 13884
Marijuana Prohibited: The Price Society and the Human Habitat Pay by Jason Waligoske (April 29, 1992)
paprcropfut.drg 3778
Hemp: The Paper Crop of the Future
physolgy.txt 14664
The Health Effects of Marijuana on Humans
physolgymj.drg 15446
The Health Effects of Marijuana on Humans, by Marc Anderson
plant.txt 20059
How to Grow Marijuana
pot-eco.txt 7205
The Matter of Marijuana and the Economy
pot-gro.drg 219469
Marijuana Grower's Handbook
pot-gro.txt 219283
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out: The Marijuana Grower's Handbook (Indoor Greenhouse Edition) by pH Imbalance
pot-laws.txt 21801
Injustice for All: A Guide to US Pot Laws by the Buzz Brothers
pot_cltv.drg 34443
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation
pot_cltv.txt 33407
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation
pot_growwrn.drg 1284
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation: Quick Warning
potgrow.txt 20431
How to Grow Marijuana
potgrowers.txt 237858
The Merry Pranksters from Menlo Park present the Marijuana Grower's Handbook (October 1, 1990)
potgrowr.txt 8700
Marihuana: How to Grow it, Reap it, and Cook it (August 21, 1993)
potmoves.txt 18235
Pot Moves Inside
psalm-102 11624
STORY: Psalm 102: The Marijuana
rcnt_potref.drg 2609
Recent Pot References
recip1.txt 3950
Some Marijuana Recipes
right-place 1194
STORY: The Right Place and the Right Time
roll_jnt 11734
The Right Way to Roll a Joint, to Make a Bong, to Make Some Pot Brownies
santacrz.drg 9775
Santa Cruz Medical Measure A, a Medican Marijuana Initiative
satan-girl 1873
STORY: The Satan Girl
satan-on-mj 1111
STORY: Satan on Marijuana
sbs-mj.txt 23873
State by State Comparison of the Marijuana Laws, by NORML (1993)
seed.txt 11651
Pete the Happy Homegrower: a Fable
seed_cat.txt 13493
A Copy of the Sensei Seed Bank Catalog from Holland
sex-stoned 2266
STORY: Sex While Stoned
sinkbong.txt 3365
Making a Sink Bong, by Grim Tiberius Reaper (September 24, 1993)
slavhemp.txt 21116
Slavery in the Hemp Industry by James F. Hopkins
slavhempind.drg 21492
Slavery in the Hemp Industry, by James F. Hopkins
smoke.txt 2863
A Comparison of the Gaseous and Particulate Components of Marijuana and Tobacco Smoke (January 3, 1991)
smoking.ana 7880
The Art of Smoking Pot by the Byte Byter
smoking.txt 8320
The Art of Smoking Pot by The Byte Byter
smokinggde.drg 8168
Marijuana Smoking Guide, By: Reefer Man and the Chamelion
thc1.txt 2918
Cannabis Medicines are Banned, by Jack Herer
thetruth.txt 10734
TEN Things Every Parent, Teenager & Teacher Should Know About Marijuana. Provided by Access Unlimited
traffic-lights 1038
STORY: The Traffic Lights
vap_bong 12636
Making Pot Vaporizers from Simon of Australia
vaprizer.txt 2512
Reasons for Building a Vapourizer, and Plans
wash_grwpot.drg 1627
Quick mention of George Washington growing Pot
weedgard.fun 15651
Cultivating Your Own Marijuana, by De Bug
weedwine.fun 972
Make Marijuana Wine!
weedwine.txt 1806
Creating Marijuana Wine, by Gandalph
whypot.txt 6212
Why Someone Thinks Pot is Illegal, Ironically Created While Taking Pot

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